Playthrough of “Delusions of Grandeur” a cooperative puzzle adventure made with Unity

Delusions of Grandeur

A puzzle adventure for two players in split screen, made with unity.

The game was built as an experiment of building an open world where the players are directed by clues, landmarks and areas of influence.

The puzzles were the hardest part, and our way of communicating their solutions has a very clear lack in guidance.

Delusions of Grandeur was an interesting learning experience where my biggest takeaways is the necessity of clear feedback and to test outside of the developer team because of internal logic issues.

Gameplay-& general design, product owner, level design, concept design
Team Size:
2 (1 designer, 1 programmer)
Project Length:
1 month
Trailer for “Rubber Blubber”, a 2 week long school project, created with Unreal 4

Rubber Blubber

A school project made during 2 weeks in unreal 4 We as a team wanted to make a racing game and with the theme of a party game it ended up consisting of rubber chicken misplaced in a declined city park.

The process of designing a race game was interesting since we quickly realised the complexity of the genre. A lot of work went into trying to make the intuitive controls and making multiplayer function properly.

To make the race more interesting we chose to make each skid/step of the chickens controlled by a button press.

The project learned me to aim towards keeping control schemes as close to standard as possible

Gameplay-& general design,
product owner, scripting
Team size: 6
(3 design)
Project length:
2 weeks
System poster
Early skill chain map

Megatropolis 2.0 – System design

A board game about bureaucracy made at campus Gotland.

A lot of focus during the project was to make all the systems as clear as possible and thought to be communicated through visual means.

We realised in the end that communicating information in still pictures is hard compared to describing them in text when it comes to complex systems. We ended up having a thick rulebook that took way too much time to read through.

My biggest learning outcome in this project is to always cut down content when possible, adding content is often a disservice .

Systems-& general design, graphics
Team size: 4 (mixed )
Project length:
11 weeks
Playthrough of “AmazeCube”, a 2 week long school project made with Unity

AmazeCube – Gameplay-& systems design

AmazeCube is a cubical maze puzzle made with Unity.

The aim of the project was to make a game for mobile who utilized its functions. To solve the puzzles the gyroscope of the mobile is used to rotate the cube.

The design utilizes audio to enhance player immersion and the overall feel of the game is meant to be a casual experience, playable on the go.

Concept design, level design, modelling
Team size: 2
(1 design, 1 programmer)
Project length:
2 weeks
AI Behaviour. Click to see visual script

Kill AI script
Can attack script
Decrease health script

Enemy AI system – Scripting

I tested building an AI system for a pawn who follows the player and attack it based on a set of parameters.

The prototype is based on a behaviour tree but was rebuilt as a blueprint since I did not get the wanted result. This was the first time with AI in Unreal 4 and was a precious learning experience.

Solo project made with Unreal 4

Dynamic camera blueprint.
Click to see visual script
Dynamic camera track player movement. Click to see visual script
CCTV camera.
Click to see visual script

Camera system – Scripting

In this prototype I wanted to explore the influence and feel of different camera angles.

This prototype was developed with a friend who wanted to build a randomly generated level system.

With the help of the differently generated levels in the game my goal was to adapt the camera to focus on the finishing line but also to enhance the shape of the platforming puzzles.

The system is based on 3 camera systems:

  • UE4 standard camera
  • Dynamic camera
  • Static camera on spline
Sell sheet

Bloom – Systems design

A board game about growing flowers built as a school assignment.

The game is a deck builder and the systems of it were streamlined to be as easy as possible for the player to understand. One of the bigger goal is to have as clear affordable as possible.

The theme of the game came from a randomly generated Wikipedia article and since the pandemic had to be playable at an online service.

General- & system design,
Team size:
3(all designers)
Project length:
2 weeks
Story layout
Click to download game at

Storm Bird – Narrative design

A Twine game made as a school project in 2020.

Together with my team we agreed upon making a game about serious issues and ended up creating one about drug abuse.

As the game is heavily based on narrative it was an interesting experience working with text only. The design pillars of the game is addiction, realism and impact.

My contribution is writing the narrative and story pacing.

Team size:
3 (all designers)
Project length:
1 week
Playthrough of “The tjillevippen project” a 2 week long school project made with Unreal 4

The Tjillevippen Project

The project was made as an school assignment at Futuregames 2020.

I wanted to try different camera angles and use the AI I built earlier and the game concept happened to be fit for both.

The game is one of the first I made in Unreal and the project helped me to start getting familiar with the engine.

My role in the development focused a lot on getting the team members divergent areas of interest to function as one and connecting them into a game.

Game concept, project manager, level design
Team size:
4 (all design)
Project length:
~ 2 weeks

For more info on the prototypes please contact me!

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