Game projects

Colossal Chaos is an arcade game made as a school project with Unity
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Bad Hare Day is a puzzle adventure made as a school project with Unreal 4
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Fey Foray is a tower defence game made as a school project with Unity
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I am a generalist designer specializing in gameplay design.

Through my years of work, studying art history, creative endeavours and a vast experience in the service sector I’ve developed a big interest in people. When designing I try to view the process from the outside, using a contextual, cultural and a behavioural approach to immerse the player into the magic circle.

In my free time I usually hang around with my dog Charlie, creating artworks, tattoos, playing guitar and having a lot of cooking going on.

Here, at this site, you will find my portfolio of games, more info about me and my resumé. If you find anything of interest don’t hesitate to contact me!

I am currently looking for an internship or employment in the games industry, so if you have any opportunities requiring my skill set, get in touch!

See you around!

Check out my game projects here, or click a picture for more info!


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